How far would you go to get health care?


The following television series focuses on the physical, cultural, and political obstacles facing rural Native American patients and the potential of health technology to break down those barriers to care.

Telemedicine: A bridge to better health care for Native Hawaiians

An investigation of the health disparities facing rural Native Hawaiians, the obstacles they face accessing health care, and how telemedicine can help connect them to doctors who would otherwise be out of reach.

Making the case for mental health services on reservations

The psychiatrist can see you now… from one thousand miles away

A look at the need for mental health services on the Navajo reservation in Arizona and the practice of telepsychiatry.

What’s next for rural Native American patients?

Seattle: Transforming the landscape of health technology

A tour of health technology innovations designed for rural Native American patients coming out of the University of Washington and SACNAS, an organization committed to promoting Native Americans and Chicanos in the sciences. And an answer to the question: How do Native Americans see the future of health care for themselves?